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KAMi-i Healing

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Soul DNA


Turn ON Soul Ability

“I had a creative explosion and I began sketching everywhere I went.

Now it’s become a postcard business

The crazy part is…I’ve never sketched like this,
something totally opened up inside of me and my intuition skyrocketed.

My hidden talent is awake
and I’m happy doing what I love.

~Ann Robbins ( ANNGEMS )

What is KAMi-i?

>It's REMOVED YEARS of disc bulge PAIN from a flight attendant IN MINUTES

>SAVED a man from committing SUICIDE from depression to smiling in joy

>AWAKENED an accountant's SOUL TALENT and turned it into a Postcard business


What is KAMi-i?

KAMi-i is a MIRACLE ENERGY healing & activation modality.

Delivered from Source/God, it takes infinite forms and gives you exactly what YOU NEED for better well-being and spiritual growth.

Many report BREAKTHROUGHS in just one session.

Years of Pain GONE

“I was skeptical about the energy healing since I have never tried it before. I have GONE THROUGH PHYSIOTHERAPY for YEARS.

And when I was finally ready to receive whatever healing, I was astounded to realize that the constant neck and shoulder pain (cervical disc bulge C4-5, C5-6) I was suffering from WENT AWAY!

 Just one experience of this amazing healing erased my ailment! The power of this method is legit!

I will recommend to my friends working in the same industry, as it will be of great help.”

~Trixie Reganit
Senior Purser
Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.


Bottom Line

Reiki & other energy healing modalities can't do what KAMi-i does

Kami-I gives you More Powerful Changes to your well-being and goes far beyond into activating your soul abilities if it's right for you.

Want to be a KAMi-i Practitioner?

Unlike Reiki and all other energy healing modalities, KAMi-i can’t be simply attuned to others. Imagine, a world-class martial artist who can throw a man down with his energy or a super psychic who can see multiple future time lines in her mind all at once. 

These people have trained a lifetime or lifetimes!! And such skills can’t be attuned the same way simple things like Reiki or the other energy healing modalities.

However, Andrew has personally created a healer’s track which emits KAMI-i energy through the music. Simply by playing the track you are giving your clients a KAMi-i Session!!! 

Learn more by clicking “Become Kami-i Practitioner”


Did you know… almost ALL energy healing 

(inc. Reiki) sends from one set of energy? 

Think of it this way, you don’t take one set of medicine and expect it to fix everything. Thats not suitable for everyone because truly we are all unique. Even people with the same issues can have difffent root causes. 

For someone who is overweight, it could be an subconscious mechanism to protect against a trauma. For another an emotional void seeking to be feed.

The solutions are UNIQUE

  KAMi-i is living energy, it responds to your UNIQUE needs in a far powerful way than reiki or any other energy healing modality. This new form of energy healing has already aided/helped those recover from Mental illness, muscle strain, childhood traumas, depression and many more.


Shockingly, as much as 90% of people report they feel and notice changes during and after the session. 

Lucas Correa from Brazil in only his first session:

“The first thing I felt was completely Anethesia of my brain. I have strong mental illness and for the whole session I felt my mind turned off and I could easily let go of anything.

I felt most of the work was done in my brain and throat chakra, also the third eye and crown. It was receiving light and information and trusting in the deeper healings, very strong blockages removed. 

Thank you.”


What makes KAMi-i truly even more different?

  Many report highly spiritual experiences that catapult them on their spiritual path. 

  James, a college professor met his spirit guides and received the profound messages along with a unique activation specific for  him.

  Ann an accountant, received a crystal infused with KAMi-i energy. Later she awakened a dormant soul gift of drawing and created her own beautiful postcard business. 

  Unlike other healing system, KAMi-i is much more than just energy healing. Truly it is a Powerhouse Energy Transmission given by the infinite source. (God/Samahdi/Divine) 

  It can awaken your life purpose, turn on your soul gifts, heal past relationships, clear any emotional heaviness you are carrying on you. 

With KAMi-i you get the love of source which opens you to a new life!!!


Got a Question?

Kami-i helps to stimulate the body’s natural state of well being. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure illness.