The energy healing you did for me was one of the strongest I’ve ever felt and it was very effective. I felt the heat as I release and then I felt a cold rush and I fell asleep for awhile. When I woke up after the healing session, I felt like a brand new person. Infinite thanks and gratitude

~ Donna Morrison (Maryland U.S.)

Real Deal?

 Just how many forms of energy healing modalities are there?

Which one actually gets you real results?

I will say that the results from KAMi-i have been shockingly powerful for my patients as well as myself. Many times I’m the one at awe with the results. Through letting source energy (God/Oneness) handle the details and the whole session, almost every single person as in 9/10 has had amazing results. 

The majority will agree it is by far the most powerful healing session they have had.

In fact people are are coming back asking me for more.



Energy Healing doesn't work...

We’ve all heard of Reiki or energy healing and you may have even tried it yourself and experience some degree of results.

 As all living things are in organic evolution so too does our way to interacting with energy. Imagine this, you go into a shoe store and the people there hand you a red color shoe in size 13 then shoves it on you. At the end you probably didn’t get what u need unless you like the color and are size 13. 

With the reiki and other energy healing systems they are handing you the same one size shoe over and over.

The results you see people with back pain walk back home with the same back pain. 

The problem is left unresolved. 



The Answer?

Unlike the one size fits all approach, truly we are all unique and the approach to promoting healing NEEDS TO BE UNIQUE

Like a pair of shoes, some days you will need different color to match your outfit, other times runners for running, 

Similarly, It is the same with your body, your energy body, everyone has a different issue, two people who have SAME weight ISSUES, actually have two DIFFERENT ROOT CAUSES. One could be genetic the other would be a unconscious program taken in childhood. 

Beaming the same energy will get you a nice nap at best.

This is where KAMi-i fits in, the traditional draw a symbol or use hands to transmit ONE STREAM of energy >> not gonna work.

If it did every single person on the planet would first seek energy healing. Energy healing the traditional way is not very effective and often creates no real lasting change. 


KAMi-i is like water, it can turn into heavy ice, it can flow past rocks, or it can rise above the air. 

it will adjust itself in infinite forms according to what your needs are.  Every session is different, some of you may receive an energy clearing of the head, the next time it could be a clearing of all your meridians, another person may get an activations that turns on their spiritual gifts.

Truly there is no one size fits all formula to energy. 

KAMi-i comes directly from source and whatever you receive is just right. No more of those I felt nothing, I got nothing, other than a bill. Try KAMi-i for free and see for yourself.

Enough new age huff and puff, experience real transformations with Divine energy from Source (God/Oneness)

Try KAMi-i


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The Boss

Andrew nip

As the founder of KAMi-i, I’ve helped many people struggling with everything from serious life threatening disease help bring balance back so their bodies naturally heal themselves. Some who come to me receive powerful activations that is exactly what you need at this time. 

KAMi-i is the first of its kind being fluid and adjust itself to infinite forms tailored exactly for YOUR NEEDS

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