KAMi-i is a powerful new energy healing and DNA activation session which generates otherworldly results. Using “Living KAMI energy” directly from source, each and every single person receives what they need from source (GOD).

Easily, from such a power source the results can happen instantly and change your life forever. Highly impactful, many  automatically want to come back for more. 

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Almost all energy healing takes one set of energy and paste it on another person. This has many limitations, like if you neededshoes you don’t just go into a store which has 1-4 styles in only size 11.

Old traditional systems are a one size fits all because they are very rigid. Therefore results are often less than noteworthy. 

Whereas, with KAMi-iit is n ALL – IN- ONE system which not only changes in energy exactly as you need for your energy helaing, but has frequenctly shown to activate your spiritual potential. A lady from Alaska found her abilities to have 100 times in power after her first session. 

Source knows her work is to do this, and the power is automatically given. It is has been Transforming lives ever since. 

Every person is unique and so is every KAMi-i Session. 

Although we can’t guarantee you will experience the same results as others who have. We can guarantee that you always receive a benefits that are right for you at this time. It is very common that dramatical shifts change one’s life forever. 

No, energetic shifts have already taken place from your KAMi-i Session. Having precise energy intervention already taken place, the rule of thumb is less is more. 

Other energy frequencies are most often guided by the human mind or some unknown source. While KAMi-i comes from Source mind which is perfection. 

Unlimited Possibilities. Some may simply feel a taking away of tension in the body and find their shoulder is loose.

While another person would discover their helaing ability to be 100x stronger than the day before. Another may see their guides and receive the exact  insights and activations suitable for this part of their spiritual journey.


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Some people notice effects during the session and throughout the weeks ahead. And these results can be incredibly life changing in the best way.

 While others don’t notice anything while having received the benefits. Every session is unique and every person is unique. The common factor is everyone does receive what they need at this time and this can come in unimaginable forms like the body healing itself, awakening a healing gift, or something small such as stress stripped away.

The effects can be high impact and dramatic where your life is changed forever, or you may feel nothing and even not notice much. Its best to pay attention because we may not have noticed the changes. Yet inside of you something has changed.

Once you book a session, we will always perform our part and ensure that we fully complete your session. Your session is our highest priority and will ALWAYS be performed through the booked time.

No, because the very energy projected to you is directly from Divine mind it is always what is most appropriate for you. Meaning it is always beneficial.

Even though huge leaps of health changes are often, KAMi-I is not a replacement for professional medical treatment. Please continue to follow your doctors advice. 

I have asked source this very question and the answer is no, the very ability to perform a KAMI-I session is part of Andrew’s unique gift practiced for lifetimes and originally it’s NOT used for healing but rather in its full effect the ability of creation and destruction.

Good news is there is a way where YOU CAN PROVIDE give KAMI session in your practice!!!

 Divinely crafted, Andrew has engraved KAMi-I living energy through music track which you can use on your own patients. The energy like will shapeshift accoridng to each patients needs.

 In this way you can offer KAMi-I to anyone, anytime, anywhere

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No, the entire session is done as a long distance energy healing session. Which means during your booked time, you would ideally be laying down in a quiet space and simply relax and receive.

Absolutely, some people may fall asleep during the session due to the healing energies and for some it is ideal since your body may need it. All the benefits are fully received.

No, photos or additional information is required. 

Althrough this has never happened before there are a couple of possiblities.

  1. You simply may not be aware of what you recieved, some effects are very subtle as they effect your subtle energy field. Some people may have changes to their spiritual gifts another thing which may be subtle.

2. I have never seen this happen but one may be so tense that energy won’t flow through. Imagine if you try to hand golf ball to someone and their hand is clenched into a tight fist…

This may be a possibility but this has never actually happened with anyone yet.